Hot Tips on Magic

A fantastic opportunity to learn new handlings for tricks in the Tenyo range that were not published with the original packages, along with unique stories and special information about certain effects. You will need to own the products in question, as we have a strict practice of not revealing any secrets behind the props.

T-number name topics designer year
T-203 salt cups Toru Suzuki 2001
T-202 prison box Angelo Carbone 2001
T-201Discon. mystery china box Tomoyuki Shimomura 2001
T-187Discon. mini-morphosis Angelo Carbone 1998
T-186 antigravity rock Lubor Fiedler 1998
T-183Discon. impossible pen Lubor Fiedler 1997
T-181Discon. bird watcher Tomoyuki Shimomura 1997
T-179 trisector Toru Suzuki 1996
T-175Discon. the unusual suspects Tomoyuki Shimomura 1996
T-173Discon. eye of the idle Tomoyuki Shimomura 1995
T-172 invisivle zone Lubor Fiedler 1995
T-166 oh! no Toru Suzuki 1994
T-164Discon. metal matrimony Hiroshi Kondo 1994
T-169 zone infinity Atsushi Fukano 1994
T-160Discon. fantastica Michiaki Kishimoto 1993
T-155 crystal cleaver Toru Suzuki 1992
T-146Discon. clean cut Hiroshi Kondo 1990
T-134 vault-vision Hiroshi Kondo 1988
T-110 ziz zag cig Hiroshi Kondo 1981
T-87Discon. squeeze play Shigeru Sugawara 1977
T-72 flash dice Takuya Yoshizawa 1976
T-69 dynamic coins Hiroshi Kondo/
Shigeru Sugawara