Complete List of Products

including our discontinued items -- for magic historians

If you see "Unknown" against a product, it means even the staff at Tenyo cannot identify it. If you can shed any light on the unknown items, Tenyo would be very pleased to hear from you.

T-number name designer year
T-294 honeycomb Created by So Sato 2020
T-295 the blur Created by Mathieu Bich 2020
T-296 magic tweezers Original idea by Mario Lopez
New gimmick conceived by Kenichi Komiya
T-289 ultra gravity box Original idea by Thinking Paradox® and Mago Inaki 2020
T-290 4-d cross Created by Toru Suzuki 2020
T-291 note-a-bill Created by Hiroki Tanaka 2020
T-292 mystery blade Created by So Sato 2020
T-293 miracle fishing New gimmick conceived by Kenichi Komiya 2020
T-282 screen clean Created by Jeimin 2018
T-283 chocolate break Created by Toru Suzuki 2018
T-284 print impress Created by Kenichi Komiya 2018
T-285 dice hopper Created by So Sato 2018
T-286 instant portrait Created by So Sato 2018
T-287 sword reward Created by Takayuki Kumazawa 2018
T-277 mental bento So Sato 2018
T-276 constellation cards Mathieu Bich 2018
T-280 miracle dowsing rods Kenichi Komiya 2018
T-278 mind sticks Toru Suzuki 2018
T-279 miracle blindfold Toru Suzuki 2018
T-281 smart guillotine Takayuki Kumazawa 2018
T-275 mentalist's flash cards So Sato and Toru Suzuki 2016
T-274 dream psychometry Tomoyuki Shimomura 2016
T-273 miracle magic square Special Thanks: Harry Lorayne 2016
T-272 hyper esp cards Toru Suzuki and So Sato 2016
T-271 perpetual puzzle Winston Freer
New gimmick conceived by Kenichi Komiya
T-270 water crystal Higar (Satoshi Higaki) 2016
T-269 psycho gravity Hiroki Tanaka 2016
T-268 magic maze So Sato 2016
T-267 magic plunger Mathieu Bich 2015
T-266 ghost camera Mathieu Bich 2015
T-265 mystery doghouse So Sato 2015
T-264 future puzzle So Sato 2015
T-263 the great escape Ali Bongo, New Construction by Kenichi Komiya 2014
T-262 magic butterfly So Sato 2014
T-261 the alchemist Kenichi Komiya 2014
T-260 security lock Lubor Fiedler 2014
T-259 money shock Patrick Page, New gimmick conceived by Kenichi Komiya 2013
T-258 ghost card Luber Fiedler 2013
T-257 magical mri Toru Suzuki 2013
T-256 4d printer Hiroshi Kondo 2013
T-255 card surgery Luber Fiedler 2012
T-254 magic memo pad Takahisa Inaba 2012
T-253 miracle coin thru - 2012
T-252 clear surprise Takayuki Kumazawa 2012
T-251 flying carpet Luber Fiedler 2011
T-250 the third eye Luber Fiedler
Cards and stand design by Toru Suzuki
T-249 magic pop-up Kenichi Komiya 2011
T-248 psychic money Tomoyuki Shimomura 2011
T-247 tower of dice Takayuki Kumazawa 2011
T-246 trap box Tomoyuki Shimomura 2010
T-245 ghost lamp Scotty York 2010
T-244 cloud money Toru Suzuki 2010
T-243 4-d surprise Lubor Fiedler 2010
T-242 china surprise Shinpei Ogawa 2009
T-241 illusion truck Takayuki Kumazawa 2009
T-240 shrinking pen Takahisa Inaba 2009
T-239 millionaires'dream Kenichi Komiya 2009
T-238 floating card Angelo Carbone 2009
T-237 synchro boxes Bob Ostin 2008
T-236 vanishing point Kenichi Komiya 2008
T-235 magical door Toru Suzuki 2008
T-234 newsworthy tear New Construction by Kenichi Komiya 2008
T-233 animation frame Tomoaki "Billy" Masuda 2008
T-232 balloon illusion Kenichi Komiya 2007
T-231 fortune donut Shigeru Sugawara 2007
T-230 mystic scope Tomoyuki Shimomura 2007
T-229 ultimate spoon bend Shigeru Sugawara 2007
T-228 4-dimensional trunk J. C. Doty 2006
T-227 new koornwinder kar Dick Koornwinder 2006
T-226 president's cabinet Shigeru Sugawara 2006
T-225 mystic blackboard Takayuki Kumazawa 2006
T-224 credit surprise Toru Suzuki 2006
T-223 origami tube Toru Suzuki 2005
T-222 fortune sticks Toru Suzuki 2005
T-221 mystery triangle Shigeru Sugawara 2005
T-220 crash dice Hiroshi Sawa 2005
T-219Discon. image generator So Sato 2004
T-218 super sponge balls Harry Devano 2004
T-217 rising card - 2004
T-216Discon. mystery poodle Gee Mahabia 2004
T-215 magician's matchbox Tomoyuki Shimomura 2004
T-214 ultimate shocking pen Doug Edwards 2003
T-213 animation card Dan Harlan 2003
T-212 ballerina hank Steve Dusheck 2003
T-211 fadeaway case Toru Suzuki 2003
T-210Discon. mobile illusion Hiroshi Kondo 2003
T-209 ghost pet Tomoyuki Shimomura 2003
T-208 money splash Shigeru Sugawara 2003
T-207Discon. magician's finger Tomoyuki Shimomura 2002
T-206Discon. sun & moon tubes Toru Suzuki 2002
T-205Discon. confined cubes Shigeru Sugawara 2002
T-204Discon. escape king Takayuki Kumazawa 2002
T-203 salt cups Toru Suzuki 2001
T-202 prison box Angelo Carbone 2001
T-201Discon. mystery china box Tomoyuki Shimomura 2001
T-200Discon. undercover cube Petrick & Mia 2001
T-199Discon. dynamite tube Tomoyuki Shimomura 2000
T-198 blue crystal Lubor Fiedler 2000
T-197Discon. x-ray file Toru Suzuki 2000
T-196 money cutter Shigeru Sugawara 2000
T-195Discon. grand derby prediction Tomoyuki Shimomura 1999
T-194Discon. mind spinner Michael Sibbernsen 1999
T-193Discon. magic painting Toru Suzuki 1999
T-192Discon. wild wallet Tomoyuki Shimomura 1999
T-191Discon. the cutting edge Toru Suzuki 1999
T-190Discon. bio shock Kenichi Komiya 1999
T-189Discon. money shredder Shigeru Sugawara 1999
T-188Discon. lucky rabbit Tomoyuki Shimomura 1999
T-187Discon. mini-morphosis Angelo Carbone 1998
T-186 antigravity rock Lubor Fiedler 1998
T-185Discon. puzzling queen Toru Suzuki 1998
T-184Discon. pop-up card Tomoyuki Shimomura 1998
T-183Discon. impossible pen Lubor Fiedler 1997
T-182 funnel vision Toru Suzuki 1997
T-181Discon. bird watcher Tomoyuki Shimomura 1997
T-180Discon. enchanted strings Jeff Sheridan 1997
T-179 trisector Toru Suzuki 1996
T-178Discon. krazy keys Lubor Fiedler 1996
T-177Discon. phantoma Tomoyuki Shimomura 1996
T-176Discon. hanky penetration Toru Suzuki 1996
T-175Discon. the unusual suspects Tomoyuki Shimomura 1996
T-174Discon. clyde Toru Suzuki 1994
T-173Discon. eye of the idle Tomoyuki Shimomura 1995
T-172 invisivle zone Lubor Fiedler 1995
T-171Discon. merlin's coffer Shigeru Sugawara 1995
T-170Discon. the pillars of thor Hiroshi Kondo 1995
T-169 zone infinity Atsushi Fukano 1994
T-168 floral fantasy Yusaku Chida/
Tomoyuki Shimomura
T-167Discon. future clock Toru Suzuki 1994
T-166 oh! no Toru Suzuki 1994
T-165Discon. crystal pyramid Tomoyuki Shimomura 1994
T-164Discon. metal matrimony Hiroshi Kondo 1994
T-163 burglar-ball Shigeru Sugawara 1994
T-162Discon. credit slasher Toru Suzuki 1993
T-161 parabox Lubor Fiedler/
Toru Suzuki
T-160Discon. fantastica Michiaki Kishimoto 1993
T-159Discon. pencilia Shigeru Sugawara 1993
T-158Discon. mentalmarvel Yutaka Sato 1992
T-157Discon. transpa vision Toru Suzuki 1992
T-156Discon. the haunting Tomoyuki Shimomura 1992
T-155 crystal cleaver Toru Suzuki 1992
T-154Discon. mindscanner Hideo Kato 1991
T-153Discon. diabolicus Hiroshi Kondo 1991
T-152Discon. nostradamus clock Tomoyuki Shimomura 1991
T-151Discon. wild wallet Tomoyuki Shimomura 1991
T-150Discon. coin of dracula Keiji Takahashi 1991
T-149Discon. dragon altar Hiroshi Kondo 1991
T-148Discon. mira-metal Atsushi Fukano 1990
T-147Discon. silver express Keiji Takahashi 1990
T-146Discon. clean cut Hiroshi Kondo 1990
T-145Discon. moon spinner Tomoyuki Shimomura 1990
T-144Discon. arcane Hideo Kato 1989
T-143Discon. hyper vision Tomoyuki Shimomura 1989
T-142Discon. lancelot Hiroshi Kondo 1989
T-141Discon. mini-zag Shigeru Sugawara 1989
T-140Discon. superspike Kento Wakabayashi 1989
T-139Discon. knife of the ninja Atsushi Fukano 1989
T-138Discon. the devil's disk Atsushi Fukano 1988
T-137Discon. bolted! Atsushi Fukano 1988
T-136Discon. geometrick Hideo Kato 1988
T-135Discon. space towers Shigeru Sugawara 1988
T-134 vault-vision Hiroshi Kondo 1988
T-133Discon. bare bone Hiroshi Kondo 1987
T-132Discon. the ninja experiment Shigeru Sugawara 1987
T-131Discon. the moons of jupiter Hideo Kato 1987
T-130Discon. tricky business Hiroshi Kondo 1987
T-129Discon. mirage Shigeru Sugawara 1987
T-128Discon. paradox Shigeru Sugawara 1986
T-127Discon. telesphere Hiroshi Kondo 1986
T-126Discon. match-sticks Hideo Kato 1986
T-125Discon. ghost writer - 1986
T-124Discon. mirror mate Hideo Kato 1986
T-123Discon. billscape Hiroshi Kondo 1986
TC-3 the gorilla bar Shigeru Sugawara 1986
TC-2Discon. the die-abolical box Hiroshi Kondo 1986
T-122Discon. excalibur Shigeru Sugawara 1985
T-121Discon. the golden fleece Hideo Kato 1985
T-120Discon. telestar Hiroshi Kondo 1985
T-119Discon. thunderstaff Hiroshi Kondo 1985
T-118Discon. sidetrack Hiroshi Kondo 1984
T-117Discon. the alpha tunnel Shigeru Sugawara 1984
T-116Discon. infinitum Hideo Kato 1984
T-115Discon. ultra slice Hideo Kato 1982
T-114Discon. wander window Shigeru Sugawara 1982
T-113Discon. quick silver Keiji Takahashi 1982
T-112Discon. eclipse Hiroshi Kondo 1982
T-111Discon. supercubio - 1981
T-110 ziz zag cig Hiroshi Kondo 1981
T-109Discon. the midas machine Hiroshi Kondo 1981
T-108 soft coins Keiji Takahashi 1981
T-107Discon. crossroad Keiji Takahashi 1981
T-106Discon. ribbon forever Keiji Takahashi 1980
T-105Discon. tunnel of darknaess Shigeru Sugawara 1980
T-104Discon. black hole Shigeru Sugawara 1980
T-103Discon. the frame of destruction Shigeru Sugawara 1980
T-102Discon. lucifer's lock Shigeru Sugawara 1980
T-101Discon. super hungarian linking ropes Peter Gloviczki 1978
T-100Discon. two in one rope - 1979
T-99Discon. mystery of the high hat Shigeru Sugawara 1979
T-98Discon. the sandwich platter Hiroshi Kondo 1979
T-97Discon. superstick Hideo Kato 1979
T-96Discon. wandering hole Hideo Kato 1979
T-95 mr. rabbit - 1978
T-94Discon. nightmare in color Hiroshi Kondo 1978
T-93Discon. card changer Shigeru Sugawara 1978
T-92Discon. pendant Shigeru Sugawara 1978
T-91Discon. floating lady Hiroshi Kondo 1978
T-90Discon. elevator coin Hideo Kato 1978
T-89Discon. spring flower - -
- - -
T-87Discon. squeeze play Shigeru Sugawara 1977
T-86Discon. ultra tube Shigeru Sugawara 1977
T-85Discon. guillotine see through Shigeru Sugawara 1977
T-84Discon. card frame Shigeru Sugawara 1977
T-83 super sponge ball - 1976
T-82Discon. spinning plate on the rope Takeshi Hori 1976
T-81Discon. space walking coin Shigeru Sugawara 1976
T-80Discon. sponge balls - 1976
T-79Discon. super vase a la india - 1976
T-78Discon. sponge rabbit - 1976
T-77Discon. see through card Shigeru Sugawara 1976
T-76Discon. water mystery Shigeru Sugawara 1976
T-75Discon. rabbit in wallet Hiroshi Kondo 1976
T-74Discon. super phanto block Takuya Yoshizawa 1976
T-73Discon. coin in nest Takuya Yoshizawa 1976
T-72 flash dice Takuya Yoshizawa 1976
T-71 rope to silk Shigeru Sugawara 1975
T-70Discon. chinese linking rings - -
T-69 dynamic coins Hiroshi Kondo/
Shigeru Sugawara
T-68 silk to egg - -
T-67Discon. colour fantasy - 1974
T-66Discon. occult board - 1974
T-65Discon. magic tube - 1974
T-54Discon. melting loop Hideo Kato 1972
T-53Discon. fantastic Dr. Hiroshi Sawa 1972
T-48Discon. coin case - -
T-47Discon. astro coin - 1971
T-46Discon. little saving box - 1971
T-45Discon. break-away fan - 1971
T-44Discon. coin coaster - 1971
T-43Discon. invisible man - 1971
T-42Discon. astro-tube - 1971
T-41Discon. fanning cards - -
T-40 card case - -
T-39 crazy spots - 1969
T-38Discon. crystal box Hideo Kato 1969
T-37Discon. penetro-coin - -
T-36Discon. billiard balls - -
T-35Discon. water suspension - -
T-34Discon. agaubst gravity - -
T-33Discon. new coin magic - -
T-32Discon. sutekina trick - -
T-31 milk tumbler - -
T-30Discon. twin flower - -
T-29 changing silks - -
T-28 what's next? - -
T-27 chinese sticks - -
T-26Discon. glass board - -
T-25Discon. silk serenade Pavel -
T-24 crystal tube - -
T-23Discon. rainbow silks - -
T-22Discon. time-capsule - -
T-21Discon. dyeing paper - -
T-20Discon. cubio - -
T-19Discon. match and flower - -
T-18Discon. million flower - -
T-17Discon. coin through match - -
T-16Discon. mystic ruby - -
T-15Discon. cups and balls - -
T-14 chameleon silk - -
T-12Discon. coin fan - -
T-11Discon. color change flower - -
T-10 handkerchief magic - -
T-9Discon. funny dog - -
T-8Discon. trio cigarette - -
T-7Discon. an-gra - -
T-6 in the news - -
T-5Discon. new card magic - -
T-4Discon. dice vision - -
T-3Discon. diminishing cards - -
T-2Discon. angel's coin - -
T-1Discon. thimble - -