Development Stories

Behind-the-scenes information about how the creative team at Tenyo comes up with the amazing ideas behind our masterpieces of magic. See how a trick is developed from the first basic idea through all the intricacies of the design and finally to manufacture and distribution to magic stores. This will be a real inspiration for budding magic inventors.

T-number name designer year
T-203 salt cups Toru Suzuki 2001
T-202 prison box Angelo Carbone 2001
T-201Discon. mystery china box Tomoyuki Shimomura 2001
T-200Discon. undercover cube Petrick & Mia 2001
T-191Discon. the cutting edge Toru Suzuki 1999
T-190Discon. bio shock Kenichi Komiya 1999
T-189Discon. money shredder Shigeru Sugawara 1999
T-188Discon. lucky rabbit Tomoyuki Shimomura 1999
T-187Discon. mini-morphosis Angelo Carbone 1998
T-186 antigravity rock Lubor Fiedler 1998
T-185Discon. puzzling queen Toru Suzuki 1998
T-184Discon. pop-up card Tomoyuki Shimomura 1998
T-183Discon. impossible pen Lubor Fiedler 1997
T-179 trisector Toru Suzuki 1996
T-177Discon. phantoma Tomoyuki Shimomura 1996
T-175Discon. the unusual suspects Tomoyuki Shimomura 1996
T-173Discon. eye of the idle Tomoyuki Shimomura 1995
T-172 invisivle zone Lubor Fiedler 1995
T-169 zone infinity Atsushi Fukano 1994
T-166 oh! no Toru Suzuki 1994
T-165Discon. crystal pyramid Tomoyuki Shimomura 1994
T-164Discon. metal matrimony Hiroshi Kondo 1994
T-160Discon. fantastica Michiaki Kishimoto 1993
T-155 crystal cleaver Toru Suzuki 1992
T-146Discon. clean cut Hiroshi Kondo 1990
T-134 vault-vision Hiroshi Kondo 1988
T-110 ziz zag cig Hiroshi Kondo 1981
T-108 soft coins Keiji Takahashi 1981
T-87Discon. squeeze play Shigeru Sugawara 1977
T-72 flash dice Takuya Yoshizawa 1976
T-69 dynamic coins Hiroshi Kondo/
Shigeru Sugawara
T-70Discon. chinese linking rings - -
- magic cards - -