1931 April Matsutaro Yamada begins sales on his own of magic materials in Shintomicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. He is the father of Akira Yamada, Tenyo's first president, and a professional magician who performed under the stage name Tenyo Shokyokusai, The current name of the company is taken from this stage name. The famed Tenko Hikita was one of his disciples.
1960 April Tenyo Magic Institute Co., Ltd., established.
Akira Yamada assumes post of representative director.
1962 April Company name changed to K.K. Tenyo, and product lines expanded to include non-magic items.
1963 August "Pla-puzzle" released. Continues to sell today as a classic puzzle.
1969 July Dai Vernon, one of the most respected American magicians, is invited to Japan for the first time to lecture around the country. Has a great impact on Japanese magic fans.
1970 May Company name changed to Tenyo Co., Ltd.
1971 May "Sea Monkey" released, a novel pet that is born when the egg is placed in water.
1973 March Jigsaw puzzles imported from Germany and sold. Gradual switchover to domestic production.
July Sales of backgammon begun. Japan Backgammon Association established.
1974 January Establishment of a thoroughgoing after-service system for jigsaw puzzles using service cards.
1975 August Sales of children jigsaw puzzles begun for the first time in Japan.
October Magic encyclopedia "Tarbell Course Vol. 1" translated and published.
1981 November "Tarbell Course Vol. 7" published, completing translation of the entire seven-volume cycle.
1983 April Sales of magic goods begun in theme park magic shops.
1988 March Sales of child puzzles begun.
1989 October Sales of the vanishing money coin box "Art Bank" begun.
1991 March Move to Sengoku, Koto-ku, with the completion of the Headquarters Building. Efforts made to bolster the service system with the introduction of free-dial telephone numbers.
April Sales of the front-opening one-touch jigsaw puzzle panel begun.
November Sales of the etched puzzle "Metallic Puzzle."
1992 May Sales begun of "3D Art Posters," in which pictures appear to emerge out of a sandstorm-like background.
Touches off a 3D art boom in Japan. "Magic Eye," published under sublicense, becomes a super-bestseller in bookstores.
June Sales of money-shrinking coin box "Micro Bank" begun.
July Sales begun of "3D Art Jigsaw Puzzles" that appear to be three dimensional.
August Sales begun of Wrebbit (Canada) three-dimensional puzzles.
1993 February Sales of the Disney Character Library Series begun. Book style packaging to become a popular long-seller.
July Sales of "Photo Display Jigsaw Puzzle" begun.
December Sales of products licensed from Tenyo begun by Milton-Bradley in the United States under the brandname "Magic Works," and products become a big hit as a result of national TV commercial campaign.
1994 July Sales begun of holo-paper jigsaw puzzles.
October Sales begun of "Magician Bank," coin box in which Mickey Mouse performs magic tricks.
1995 July Sales of puzzle keyholder "Petit Maze." Sales begun of science toy "Crystal Factory," which produces crystals.
October Sales begun of "Film Art Jigsaw Puzzles," combining puzzles and cell pictures.
October Sales of "Magictainment" series begun. The name combines "magic" with "entertainment".
November Sales of coin-spinning coin box "Spin Bank" begun.
1996 March Sales of cork paper jigsaw puzzles begun.
July Sales begun of "Triops," an ancient organism that is born when the egg is placed in water.
October Sales begun of "Angel Gallery," which preserves an infant's handprint in clay.
October With the retirement of Akira Yamada as representative director, Hisataka Toyoshima assumes post of president and representative director.
1997 June Sales of jigsaw puzzle clock "Puzz-Clock" begun.
1998 July Sales begun of "Cyber Magician," a magic CD-ROM that enables a computer to perform magic tricks.
1999 May Sales begun of "Shockclock," a timepiece incorporating a magic-trick.
October Sales begun of "We tell time," a next-generation clock that draws original messages in the air.
2000 November Sales begun of "Artillusion," the world's first "new technology art" that turns luminous in full color with black light.
2001 April Service begun of "i-Love Magic," an NTT DoCoMo official web site that enables people to perform magic tricks using their cellar phones.
  August Sales begun of "Candy Bubble," an edible soap bubble.
  November Sales begun of "Air Blade," a UFO simulation game.
2002 April Began the Junior Magician Video Contest, in which budding young magicians 17 years old and under compete by sending in their recorded video performances.
  December Began sales of a "Savings Passbook" in which 100,000 yen can be saved by traveling around the world.
    Began sales of a new "Atelier Label" line employing Disney character artwork on filing boxes, notebooks and other stationery products.
2003 October Began sales of the World's Greatest Magic Series, bringing together best-selling magic products from around the world.
2004 July Began sales of "Lumina Sweet" glow-in-the dark candy.
2005 November Began sales of "Stained Art" jigsaw puzzles, featuring stained glass-like transparent pieces.
    Began sales of the "Guinness World Records" recognized World's Smallest Jigsaw Puzzle.