Company Outline

Company name Tenyo Co., Ltd.
Address Headquarters : 2-8-11 Sengoku, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Established April 1960
Capital 22.5 million yen
Directors President : Hisataka Toyoshima
Executive Vice President : Hiroshi Kondo (Development)
Planning, manufacturing and marketing of jigsaw puzzles, magic products, puzzles and science toys
General sales of Nintendo Entertainment System and software and other games
Sales 11.4 billion yen (April 2005 term)
Employees 67
Sales Department 1
Sales of goods manufactured by Tenyo mainly to toy wholesalers throughout Japan. Deals with over 300 customers as a specialty maker of jigsaw puzzles, magic goods, science toys and other original novelty items.
Sales Department 2
Wholesaling division that sells puzzles and games mainly to urban department stores. In addition to Tenyo's own products, also handles a wide variety of other game items. Based on our more than 50-year relationship with Nintendo, this department also handles Nintendo Entertainment System and software, and is dedicated to providing thoroughgoing service.
Sales Department 3
Sells magic goods, games, puzzles, etc., in theme parks. Specialist demonstrators carry out performances and sales of magic goods. Also develops and markets original products.

Sales Department 4 (Export)
Tenyo's products are exported mainly to the United States, Europe and Asia.