While your back is turned, a spectator arranges the pictures of birds in any way desired.As soon as you turn around, you can instantly and accurately state the number of birds showing.Finally, you can instantly state the number of birds, even after the cards are shut tightly inside a case!!
You explain that your new hobby birdwatching. With unbelievable speed, you demonstrate your ability to count how many birds are showing.
Finally, you demonstrate your ability to divine how many birds are inside of a closed case, without looking. Your audience will be taken aback by your super-human skill.

Your spectator remembers one of nine miniature cards. You place the cards into the box, and one card rises by itself! When the face of the card is shown, it matches the thought-of card which your spectator named!!

Place the queen of hearts into the frame. Then insert a tube through the center of the queen. Upon looking inside, the tube is empty! You can even push a pencil through the hole.
Remove the tube, and the queen instantly restores without leaving a mark!!

The pen is placed on top of a closed pen case and surrounded by 2 frames. You pretend to cut through the pen case's lid. When the frames are lifted, the pen has completely vanished! The pen appears inside of the previously empty pen case!!

You place a rock onto a frame which contains a design. When you concentrate... The rock slowly floats into the air. Even when the frame is moved about, the rock remains floating in the exact same spot. You can also make a clear figurine and a coin float.

You place a red ball inside of the box, and a black ball on top. When you drape a curtain around the box, and count, "One, two, three..." The black and red balls instantly change places! This effect uses colored balls to present the classic stage magic effect, "Metamorphosis." Through a new mechanical development, you can make the balls change places instantly, simply by lifting the curtain.

MAGIC DEMONSTRATION VIDEO (available only in Japan)
Contains "Chinese Rings" and "Magic Cards." Also explains "Multiplying Money", a special trick only available on this video.