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Seeking the Highest Level of Quality in the World

Jigsaw Puzzles

Tenyo's jigsaw puzzles are set apart by a perfection of fit that seeks to ensure pleasure and enjoyment in their use. The feel of each piece slipping perfectly into place bespeaks the highest level of quality in the world, made possible only by Tenyo's know-how and technology. A puzzle without this positive tactile feedback given by a perfect fit keeps the user guessing constantly whether he has indeed put it together correctly; with a Tenyo puzzle, the user can fully enjoy the puzzle and the design taking shape piece by piece. In addition, the cutlines are designed by a specialist piece designer, a difference that asserts itself the more experience with puzzle making you have.

Hold a Tenyo jigsaw puzzle on either end and pull

Hold a Tenyo jigsaw puzzle on either end and pull. See how the pieces hold together snugly in place, with almost no space or gaps opening up between them.

Try this with a puzzle made by someone else.

Try this with a puzzle made by someone else. See how much space opens up between the pieces. A 300-piece puzzle could stretch by as much as 2/5 inch overall.

1,000-piece Tenyo jigsaw puzzle

A 1,000-piece Tenyo jigsaw puzzle, that was put together and lifted up as is. This precision-fit bears out Tenyo quality.

jigsaw puzzle pictures

Many of Tenyo's jigsaw puzzle pictures and patterns are original pieces designed specifically for use in the puzzles. There are also quite a few works licensed from foreign artists.

children's puzzles

In the belief that the most effective way to popularize jigsaw puzzles in Japan would be to start children using them, we began to market children's puzzles in 1973. The children that enjoyed our offerings at that time now form one of our core user segments.

Photo Display Jigsaw Puzzle

And among our product line-up are many that are patented items, made only by Tenyo. These include our "Photo Display Jigsaw Puzzle" and our "Film Art Jigsaw Puzzle".

Pursuit of Originality


To think up a gimmick for a magic trick. And the trick must be easy enough for anyone to perform, yet still surpass professional-level material in its fascination and appeal.

Tenyo, from the outset, has set lofty goals, and in the almost thirty years since beginning our quest to achieve them, we have invariably stated with renewed conviction every year that "the new offerings this year are our best ever." Our development staff members are professionals with over twenty years of experience in the field of magic, extending back to their childhood days. They all share an unwavering devotion and dedication to their appointed task of coming up with new magic tricks. Our staff's talents have gained worldwide recognition, and in 1989 we were awarded the Creativity Fellowship by Academy of Magical Arts based at Magic Castle in Los Angeles, California. Truly, there is no lover of magic anywhere in the world that does not know the Tenyo brandname.

Tenyo demonstrators

Performances given by Tenyo demonstrators are always a big hit, whether in department store corners or in theme park booths. Such performances not only introduce the products the viewers but provide entertainment, as well.

magic festival

The magic festival sponsored every year by Tenyo. Held more than thirty-five times since 1956, the festival as exerted a significant influence on magic fans in Japan.

Magic Works

Milton Bradley, a leading American toy maker, began in 1993 licensed sales of Tenyo products under the "Magic Works" brandname. Advertised nationwide on television, these products soon became bestsellers in the U.S. market. Soon thereafter, Milton Bradley's parent company, Hasbro, undertook to market the line throughout the world. As many people in Japan heve been introduced to the wonders of magic through the Tenyo items they have purchased in department stores, new magicians will cultivated throughout the world with Tenyo products.

David Copperfield with Tenyo development staff

Magician David Copperfield always pays close attention to Tenyo products. This is a snapshot of David Copperfield with Tenyo development staff members.

American magic journals

Tenyo staff members featured on the covers of American magic journals: the December 1989 issue of "Magic Manuscript"; and the November 1986 issue of "Genii".

originating from Magic

Novelty Goods

Tenyo's "Art Bank," developed in 1989, grew into a super-bestseller with total worldwide sales of 4 million units. Featuring money that vanishes into a coin box, this novelty item incorporated concepts and ideas from magic tricks. A steady stream of sensation-stirring products followed, including the coin shrinking "Micro Bank," and Gift Show Grand Prix winner "Spin Bank," which were likewise marketed throughout the world. All of these items were common, everyday accessories, such as coin boxes and keyholders, which were imbued with entertainment value through the addition of magic elements and ideas. This unique blend of "novelty" and "utility" represents a world of originality that could only have been achieved by Tenyo.

American science magazine

The January 1994 issue of the American science magazine "Omni" carried an article featuring Tenyo's coin box series, which it characterized as "desktop magic."

Double World

Our Double World was presented to guests at the reception for a new show at the Lido in Paris.

Micro Bank

In Britain, the Micro Bank was used at an Imperial Cancer Research Fund charity fund drive as the donation box.