Tenyo was established in 1960 as Tenyo Magic Institute, with the goal of marketing magic paraphernalia, therefore aimed almost exclusively at the professional, to the general public. Many aspiring magicians were attracted to this novel endeavor, and some of the become star magicians.

The company's name, thereafter, was changed Tenyo Co., Ltd. and an incipient Development Division was established. Our product lines were steadily expanded to encompass general puzzles, party goods and jigsaw puzzles.

Throughout the ensuring years, we have worked dispel the widely held perception of magic as being difficult to perform for the normal person by directing our efforts toward to the development of a line-up of new products that could be used by anyone.

Another area of focus of Tenyo has been jigsaw puzzles, almost unknown in Japan at outset. To promote their popularization, painstaking, efforts made to ensure customer satisfaction. These included development of appealing patterns an design, pursuit of thoroughgoing , and establishment of service and support system through which a customer can directly receive that has become standard throughout the industry

Today, Tenyo's magic tricks are sold around the world have gained universal recognition for their "ease of mastery and never-fail quality." Similarly, the jigsaw puzzle now enjoys a solid footing in Japan market, and has developed to a level that is said to be world's best in quality and variety. The success of both have been the direct result of Tenyo's more than thirty years of unstinting efforts.

We, at Tenyo, are committed to continue striving to please our customers, creating innovative products that are truly interesting, captivating and appealing.

The two mottoes upon which we have based all our activities since our inception have been

"Relentless pursuit of innovation:" and
"Product design aimed at complete customer satisfaction."